TOC: Vol. 21 to Vol. 24

Volume 21 No. 1, Summer 2013
Message from the President
A Berczy Settlement book Searching Names in Germany
The Swallows Came Back
Shank Lake
Wooden Duck Decoys Found in Markham
Stiver Mill, Unionville
John Henry Schultz
A Story of the Markham Berczy Settlers: 210 Years in Markham 1794-2004
Berczy Recorded Discrepancies
Diary of William A. Quantz 1854-1945
Rouge National Urban Park
Christmas Market Tour to Austria and Germany
Canada Day in Nordlingen, Germany
German-Canadian Yearbooks
Berczy Settlers in Markham Township (Map)

Volume 21 No. 2, Fall 2013
Message from the President
Stadtmauerfest in Nördlingen, Germany our Partner City (with photos)
German Pioneers Day 2013
Markham Economist, Thursday, July 21, 1910 : Laying the Cornerstone of Bethesda Lutheran Church, Unionville
New Steeple Dedicated at Bethesda Lutheran Church
The Swallows Came Back: “The Rest of the Story”
Germanica 2014
The Peterson-Jarvis House
Recognition from the City of Markham

Volume 22, No. 1, Spring 2014
Message from the President : Census data from 1921
Stiver Reunion, 2014
MBSA 2012-2014 Annual General Meeting
The Stahm Family Research
Diary of William A. Quantz 1942-45
Benjamin Patterson
Information from Germany, July 21, 1791, July 22, 1791
“Lucky Money”
New Pubilcation : The Early Industry of Ontario: Examining the Formative Role Played by German-Speaking Settlers
Aksel Rinck Donates Aerial photo of Nordlingen, Germany
The Berczy Settler Rabble Rousers in the Genesee Valley
Walking Tour Guide of Historic Main Street Unionville
Anne Currie-O’Brien’s Grandmother’s Handwritten Record of the Stamm Family

Volume 22 Number 2, Fall 2014
Berczy Named A National Historic Person
William Berczy 270th Birthday Anniversary
Stiver Reunion
The Sabin/Ferrier Story
Why did our Ancestors Leave Germany
2012-2013 Annual MBSA General Meeting
Penn Yan, New York
220th Anniversary of Markham
Mayor Frank Scarpitti’s Inaugural Speech
Education in Ontario

Volume 22 Number 2, Summer 2015 [should be Volume 23]
Message from the President
Historic Unionville (Book)
Pioneer Footprints in York County (Book)
Why I Became a Buckendale
A Cold February
The Early Industry of Ontario. Formative Role Play by German-Speaking Settlers (Book Review)
40th Anniversary (re Plaque at Nordlingen)
Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery Expands
House Move from Original Helmke Land
Queen’s Hotel Fire
Wayne Wettlaufer (death notice)
Markham District High School Band Tour (visit to Nordlingen)

Volume 23 Number 2, Fall 2015
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Stiver Mill Expansion
An Interesting Story (Eckardt Cemetery)
Christmas Markets in 2015
Smith Family Bird Stories
Historic Unionville: A Village in the City
William Berczy Public School Celebrates 40th Anniversary of its Naming
Murray Pipher copy of Painting
Heritage in Markham
German Pioneers Day

Volume 24, issue 1, Summer 2016
Canada Day 2016
Stiver Mill Farmers’ Market
The Friends of the Markham Museum (Foundation Board)
Wildlife around the Smith home
War of 1812 Plaques unveiled on Button Monuments
Important Government Representation
Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery opens new roadway
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Stadtmauerfest (Ring Wall Festival) in Nordlingen
New Parks named in Markham
The Beginnings of a German Newspaper in Ontario

Volume 24, Number 20, December 2016
German Pioneers Day in Markham
Berczy Statue
Visit to Ring Wall Festival, Nordlingen, Germany
Wildlife around the Smith home.
Stiver Mill Farmers Market
Markham Concert Band to Cary, North Carolina
Martin Luther Tour
Berczy Descendant visits Markham
William Berczy connections in Toronto
Dedication of Fierheller Court