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Vol. 25, No. 1 – Summer 2017

Coming Event: Berczy Statue Dedication: September 9, 2017
Flag Day, February 15, 2017

New Book Being Published
Signing of Groundbreaking Partnership
Major Frank Scarpitti and Members of Council Visit Eabametoong First Nation
Wildlife around the Smith Residence
The Markham Wonch Family History
John Richard Wonch, son of George Wonch
Anthony Wonch, Sr. son of George Wonch
Visit to Nordlingen and Wallerstein
Don Cousens

Vol. 25 no. 2,  2017

Some Markham/Mount Albert Connections
Dedication of William Berczy Plaque and Statue
William Berczy Honoured
Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery
Markham 1900-2000: Our Past Inspires Our Future
Friederic Busch, a Baker
President’s Report
Geared for Growing
Markham Expo 150
Life on the Smith Farm
Coming Event: Berczy Statue Dedication September 9, 2017

Vol. 26 no. 1, Summer 2018

Thoughts from the President
In Reconciliation with our Indigenous Neighbours
Stiver Mill Phase Two Reconstruction Official Opening
Canada 150 Infrastructure Grants
On the Smith Farm
Annual Memorial Service at Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery
Schmidt Burial Ground
Knabenkapelle Nordlingen Boys Band Visits Markham
A Music Epiphany
Leasing Contract for “Frantz Andreas Schmidt”.
Trueman Pennock spinning wheel 1835