TOC: Vol. 5 to Vol. 8

Vol. 5 No. 1, Spring 1998
Report from the Chair
Report of the 1997 Annual Meeting, November 26, 1997.
Raising Awareness of the Berczy Settlers
The Big Tree.
Annual Memorial Service
The Late Cynthia Weber. .
Route of the old Williamson Road, opened by the Berczy Settlers in 1792.
The overgrown Williamson Road. (photo)
Canoe Camp, TiogaRiver, Mansfield. (photo)
The Williamson Road: Williamsport to Trout Run. (map)
OWR to the Block House at Liberty (map)
OWR at Trout Run. (map)
OWR and Canoe Camp at Mansfield. (map)
OWR at Blossburg and Peter’s Camp. (map)
Route of the Berczy Settlers in 1792 that became the Trail of the Conestoga. (map)
Nordlingen, Germany celebrates 1100th Anniversary in 1998
Development in Markham
Texas Germans.
Good Advice and Donations
Margaret Naggy. (photo)
Research Committee Update.
Project to Contact German Canadian Departments at Universities.
Excerpt from The York Pioneer”

Vol. 5 No. 2, Fall 1998
Nordlingen, Germany celebrates 1100th Anniversary.
The “Prince” of Wallerstein & the “Prince” of Markham. (photo)
Aksel Rinck and Lorne Smith at Historic Marker to William Moll Berczy in Wallerstein (photo).
This & That.
Another Hagerman House to be preserved as a Markham Heritage Home.
Nicholas (Jr.) Hagerman House in 1998. (photo)
MBSA Research Committee Activities.
Hessian Soldiers.
A Note about Ruth Smith.
Phillips-Teasdale House.
Phillips-Teasdale House moving to its New Home. (photo)
Schmidt Family Reunited.
Ron & Joanne Clem (photo)
Berczy Village
Research Report – The Markham Township Berczy Settlers

Vol. 6 No. 1, Spring 1999
Annual Meeting elects Board of Directors
Land of the Genesee.
News from Nordlingen, Germany.
MBSA Tour to Germany.
Nordlingen (drawing)
Germany in 1792
MBSA Receives Books
Research Note.
A Rewarding Search.
Biography of Janet Iles (Member of the Board of Directors).
Janet Iles (photo)
Edgemont House, Scarborough
Report from the MBSA  Research Committee
Copenhagen Archives Follow-up
Aussicht aus Altona auf die Elbe und deren Gegenden biss Haarburg – 1771 (Altona Harbour, 1771) (sketch)
Leasing Contract for “Frantz Andreas Schmidt”.
An American Perspective
Resources available for Research.
Book Review – Beyond the Thunder of the Waters
In Memoriam – Aileen Lunau, William A. Duck
Aileen Lunau at the 200th Aniversary Celebration in 1994 (photo)

Vol. 6 No. 2, Fall 1999
Klings Visit Markham
Mayors Don Cousens and Paul Kling at unveiling of Plaque. (photo)
Don Cousens, Paul kling, and Gus Schickedanz.(photo)
Helmi and Paul Kling at IBM. (photo)
MBSA members meet the Klings at the Bicentennial Memorial. (photo)
MBSA Organizing Trip to Germany.
Research Committee Activities
Luno/Lunau Family Reunion.
Editor’s Comments
The Will of Francis Helmkay
Haacke, Quantz and Baetijier : Some Stories and Some Facts
In Memoriam – Downey, Stiver.
Upcoming Events
Shane, Michael and Rory Eckardt beside the Philip Eckardt family plot. (photo)
Finding their Roots
Christmas Shopping
Summer Travels to the Genesee
Main Street, Liberty, Pennyslvania circa 1900. (photo)
Another Version of the Canoe Story (1793 – Germans who layed out the Road to Bath)
Oberburgermeister Paul Kling and students at William Berczy Public School. (photo)

Vol. 7 No. 1, Spring 2000
Markham Berczy Settlers Association begins planning for a 2004 Reunion.
Markham Welcomes Aksel Rinck.
Aksel Rinck makes presentation to Rev. Peeter Vanker. (photo)
Germany Tour.
MBSA Research Continues.
Altona/Hamburg harbour in 1771 (sketch)
German Pioneers Day.
German Roots of Berczy Settlers – Pastor Liebich
Lopsinger Tor, Aksel Rinck’s Museum on Ring Wall, Nordlingen. (photo)
The Enigma of John Helmka.
Roots of Berczy Settlers in Germany: Westphalen.
Searching for Berczy Settlers Roots.
Klosterle, a former Franciscan monastery in Nordlingen.
Wallerstein Ceremony, 1975. (photo)
Berczy-Simcoe Relief in Toronto
Lunau Estate Collection.
Uxbridge Journal, August 24, 1881 – Death of a Centenarian.
Markham-Nordlingen Partnership.
Church where Berczy was baptized in Wallerstein (photo).
Bethesda Lutheran Church, Unionville (photo)

Vol. 7 No. 2, Fall 2000
Report on the Visit to Nordlingen, Bavaria, Germany, September 29 to October 2, 2000.
Carol Smith at Canada’s pavilion at EXPO 2000 in Hannover (photo).
Aksel Rinck and Lorne Smith at Booth (photo)
Young People in Medieval Costumes Entertaining Passers-by). (photo)
Toronto has “Moose” Nordlingen has “Cows”. (photo)
Celebration of Bethesda Lutheran Church : German heritage
After Ten Years, A Review
Bob Shank.(photo)
Berczy Settlers Descendants on tour at the Hermitage (south of Geneseo, New York State), (photo)
James Elliott re-enactment Family. (photo)
Hidden Treasures
German Pioneers Day
Share Your History.
William Berczy Public School : 25th Anniversary.
Students from Nordlingen Visit WBPS. (photo)
Students from Nordlingen visit Markham
The Nordlingen students enjoying the Canadian wilderness (photo).
The wet excitement on the Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls. (photo)
Nordlingen students relaxing beside the Niagara River (photo)
Obituaries – Nagy. .
Margaret Nagy. (photo)
From the Nordlingen Brochure
Don Cousens. (photo)
Markham Berczy Settlers Historic Locations in Markham (map)
Germany Tour
Wilmer Martin. (photo)
Daniel Tower, Nordlingen. (photo)
Abbey Church of Neresheim. (photo)

Vol. 8 No. 1, Spring 2001.
Last Call to Register for the Trip to Germany.
Altona/Hamburg Harbour in 1771 (sketch)
2004 Berczy Reunion. .
Don Reesor with Some Apprentice Grain Millers. (photo)
Don (Schmidt) Smith doing his bit for gender-equality. (photo)
Anne (Schmidt) Matthiessen peeling the apples (photo)
Paul Reesor making Sauerkraut. (photo)
Martin Matthiessen hard at work. (photo)
Berczys in Toronto (The Town of York 1793-1915).
Rev. Owen Reber, Lutheran Pastor.
Can We Save another Berczy Settler House?  – The Wonch/Wunsch House
William Wonch lot 21 conc. 4. (photo)
Christina Wonch, nee Quantz Born 1819 lot 14 con. 6. (photo)
Some Good News : This one is saved the George Pingle Jr. House with photo
Query – Fierheller.
National Archives of Canada.
Letter from the Toronto Star – Friday, December 1, 2000
Canandaigua, NY : The Trial of the Berczy Settler ‘Rioters’
Vincent Matthews, defence (drawing)
The Berczys must have stood here at Lake Canandaigua and looked south towards where their families and friends were living. (photo)
The Well at Main Street, most likely used by the Berczys. (photo)
The first official Court House, erected in 1794 (drawing)

Vol. 8 No. 2, Fall 2001
Visiting the homeland of our Berczy Ancestors
Bob Shank and Vicky Munro, co-chairs of MBSA with Burgermeister Madge. (photo)
Berczy Settlers Back”Home”. (photo)
Brig Catharina 1792 (sketch)
Luneburg Rathaus. (photo)
Cultural Agreement between Nordlingen and Markham
Stan Daurio Presented Painting by Markham Artist, Murray Pipher to Oberburgermeister Paul Kling. (photo)
Carol & Lorne Smith, Bill Van der Zande, Stan Daurio, Charles Richards, Irene Stade, Doreen Richards, Cliff Barnard and Mayor Don Cousens.(photo)
Travelling the Romantic Road
Map – Germany.
Berczy Settlers Web Site.
Partnership Agreement (copy)
Some thoughts on our Germany Trip by Bob Shank.
Comments on the Germany Trip by The Smith Girls.
The Case for Mr. Berczy — The Beaver, December 2001/January 2002 by Robert M. MacIntosh
Celebration 2004.
Obituary – Dr. John Andre, Honourary Member of MBSA
Summer 2001 Reading – Settlement of Upper Canada by Wm. Canniff.
Hagerman Family in Unity Saskatchewan.
Tom Hagerman with his Trusty Team on Main St., Unionville. (photo)
Kammerchor, St. Georg Nordlingen
Kati and Max Visit Markham