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Vol. 9 No 2, Fall 2002
Our Association.
Celebration 2004
From the Editor
Finding family.
A Small World
Nordlingen with its Ring Wall (photo)
Harburg Castle. (photo)
Homeland of our forefathers highlights.
Lorne Smith at Altona, where Berczy Settlers boarded the ships (photo)
St. Georg’s Chamber Choir visits Markham
The Chamber Choir from St. Georg’s Lutheran Church, at the Civic Centre, Markham. (photo)
The Chamber Choir from St. Georg’s Lutheran Church, at Waterloo. (photo)
George Pingle Jr. house.
The George Pingle Jr. house and future Community Centre. (photo)
The Wunsch house and farm amid the desolation of a building site, with the
Lorne Smith and Councillor Stan Danurio showing the historical settlements of the Town of Markham. (photo)
Billy Bishop went to war.
A proclamation.
Williamson Road revisited.
The plaque at Liberty, Pennsylvania (photo).
Blockhouse built by Berczy Settlers in 1792. (sketch)

Vol. 10 no. 1, Spring 2002
The Stoeber/Stiver Hunt
Charles Howard Stiver and his wife Marein (Burkholder) (photo)
Abterode Hessen-Nassau. (map)
Harvey Wideman house, demolished by developer in 2001 (photo)
Wideman House Demolished
Berczy – the Man
Berczy Name
Nicholas (Jr.) Hagerman House (photo)
Nicholas (Jr.) Hagerman
Celebration 2004
The Story of a Yonge Street Pioneer – Munshaw.
Choir to Visit Markham
Nordlingen Choir. (photo)
Germany and Switzerland Tour
Carol Smith with Pied Piper and children statue at Hamelin (photo)
Harburg Castle (photo)
Tour Group Germany 2001 (photo)

Vol. 10 no. 1, Spring 2003
Logging the old way
Tom with “Fred” the horse, dragging a log from the forest (photo)
“Fred” earned his daily hay and rest” (photo of logs)
New leadership at Markham Museum
George Phillips (photo)
New at the Museum
Too many Henry Helmkes
New find at German Mills
Timber from original mill? (photo)
Making connections through the Internet.
The George Henry Sommerfeldt Homestead
The George Henry Sommerfeldt Sr. house, 10379 Kennedy Road, built c1840 (photo)
The George Henry Sommerfeldt Sr. Cottage 10411 Kennedy Road N. part of lot 23, concession 6
The George Henry Sommerfeldt Sr. Cottage built c 1856  (photo)
Final call for the trip to Germany and Switzerland.
Enjoy Shopping in the many fine and unusual shops (photo)
The Nordlingen Youth Band will perform for us (photo)

Vol. 11 No. 2, Fall 2003
The Varley Art Gallery of Markham : William Berczy – Man of Enlightenment July through October 2004
Brig Catharina, 1792 (painting).
The Berczy Settlers Family Research Days July 5 to July 11, 2004. .
William Berczy, self-portrait, 1798-9 (painting).
Canada Past and Future (book review)
Travels to Germany.
Lorne Smith at the wharf at Altona, with the old boats at anchor (photo).
Lorne Smith and Wilhelm Hoop with the baptismal bowl (photo).
The room in Wartburg Castle where Martin Luther lived (photo).
Tour members with Wallerstein Council (photo).
Menno Kate Museum (photo).
Lorne Smith admiring a bottle of Wallerstein wine. Judy & Jim Ransk, Lorne & Carol Smith and Lydia Zingel (photo).
Berczy’s influence – Molson, the Birth of a Business Empire (book review0
Settlers Park, German Mills.
Settlers Park, German Mills (photo)
Frank Scarpitti, Deputy Mayor, is holding the ribbon. The second lady from the right is Councillor Erin Shapiro who worked so hard to secure this property (photo).
Niels Holm
William Bent Berczy – The unpublished memoirs of Marie-Anne Cerre (book review)
V. P. Mayerhoffer.
Pulpit with plaque to Mayerhoffer (photo).
V. P. Mayerhoffer (painting).

Vol. 12 No. 1, Spring 2004
The Berczy Settlers Family Research Days.
Markham Receives Unique Etching with photo
Transcription of Petition to Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada in 1818 by the Lutheran churches of Vaughan and Markham Township.
Berczy Tradition Ends
William Moll Berczy’s Portrait of the celebrated Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant in Semiotics of Visual Art.
Chief Joseph Brant (painting)
Celebrating Markham’s Berczy Heritage. .
The Wonch house amid construction of roads and new houses (photo)
Mayor Don Cousens, Wonch house owner Anne Birch, Councillor Bill O’Donnell and Lorne Smith (photo)
Another Berczy Settler Home – Helmke/Whiteoak/Brander house at 31 Helen Avenue.

Vol. 12 No 2, Fall 2004.
The Berczy  Family Research Week
Editor’s Note
Descendants of Markham’s pioneers pulling the Conestoga Wagon at the Civic Centre. (photo)
Lorne’s beard: before, during and after! (photo)
Choir participates in friendship tree planting
Hal Hill, Joseph Mayer & Susan Brown plant the Friendship tree. (photo)
Governor General visits Berczy exhibit
Mayor Don Cousens, Gov.-Gen. Adrienne Clarkson, Joe Virgilio, John Ryerson (photo).
The Berczy Web Site
German Pioneers Day in Markham October 12, 2004.
Ernst Freidel, Cliff Barnard and Keith Avann (photo)
Canada Day in Markham
Settlers Day, 2004
Pioneer girl make butter (photo)
Help buy a William Berczy painting for Markham
Pennsylvania German Folklore Society.
Lorne Smith and grandchildren ringing the bell. (photo)
MBSA  Publishes New Book
The Conestoga Trail
Made in Germany
Historical maps.
Annual Meeting
Financial Statement
The Town of Markham councillors at the official opening of the Berczy Exhibit (photo)