TOC: Vol. 13 to Vol. 16

Vol. 13 No. 1, Spring 2005
Peter and Catherine Ernst.
The Haacke Herald.
George Haacke Markham 1810-1896 (photo).
Stream Names
Who is the oldest living descendant of a Berczy settler?
No Smiling Path” (information on book – book includes information on Ulsen/Elson family)
Rouge River Park.
Settlers Park, German Mills.
Aksel Rinck & Joseph Mayer, mayor Wallterstein, Germany (photo).
The Conestoga Trail (book)
MBSA Publishes New Book
Lauretta Norris Taylor.
William Berczy Art Fund at the Varley Gallery.
500 Years in Nordlingen.
St. Georg’s Lutheran Church, Nordlingen, Germany (photo).
30 Year Celebration in Wallerstein, Germany.
Wallerstein plaque June 29, 1975 (photo).
Homeland of the Berczy Settlers?
Women pulling barges (drawing).
River Alster 1809 on which river barges would have arrived (sketch).
Berczy Settlers born in Europe Original Names in German.
Altona Street Scene (undated) (drawing).

Vol. 13 No. 2, Fall 2005
Settler Lore
Birth celebrations at William Berczy Public School (cake) (photo).
Billy Bishop Museum
Billy Bishop. (photo)
The Museum at 948 Third Avenue West, Owen Sound
Canadian War Museum has a notable display of Billy Bishop’s war medals
Canadian War Museum in Ottawa
Carol Smith, Bob and Lou Shank reserving their place at the Diefenbunker (photo).
The unrestored George Pingle Jr. House.(photo)
George Pingle Jr. House.
The restored George Pingle Jr. House in 2005. (photo)
Deputy Mayor Frank Scarpitti and Lorne Smith (photo).
Dr. Marlene Epp; First Nations rep; Berhard Griebenow, chair of German Pioneers Day and another First Nations rep. (photo)
German Pioneers Days Kitchener City hall October 11, 2005.
Richard Beasley and the German Companies
Chief Brant, as painted by William Berczy. (painting)
Conspiracy Theory
Annual Meeting.
William Berczy Public School.
The Markham Town Crier, Cathy Harris, Heather Vallee, Lorne Smith (William Berczy) and Cathy Stanley. (photo)
Aksel Rinck, a man of action.
Quilt made by students presented to ‘William Berczy’. (photo)
220 Years of Hessian Settlement Celebrated

Vol. 14 no. 1, Spring 2006
Revisiting the Williamson   Road.
Conestoga Wagon (photo)
Pingel Chest (photo).
Altona Heritage Drink
John Merz. With photo
Berczy’s wife, Charlotte with Charlotte Allamand tombstone (photo)
Clearing the River Nen (Rouge) by German settlers under William Berczy (painting)
Oil painting in the possession of the Historical Society of Mecklenburg Upper Canada; after an unfinished pencil drawing by Albecht Ulrich Moll, known as William Moll Berczy (painting)
German Mills Settlers Park.
Old timber in German Mills Park (photo)
Plaque in the Park (photo)
Newspaper Clipping from the files of Laura Weaver Early Days of Canada Recalled by Archivist
Mills along the Rouge River
Markham (map)
Willcocks – Reesor (from the Baby Collection, University of Montreal October 26, 1804 Letter of William Willcocks to William Berczy
Zion Lutheran Church.
Adam Keffer plaque. (photo)
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (photo).
New Mayor in Nordlingen, Germany.
Helmi and Paul Kling. (photo)
Zion Church welcome sign (photo)
The Conestoga Trail (book available)

Vol. 14 No. 2, Fall 2006
Cultural Partnership
Burgermeister Hermann Faul and Aksel Rinck (photo)
Photo of ceremony in Nordlingen
Berczy and Brant
German Pioneers Day.
In Memoriam Andre, Dr. John.
Earliest Toronto by Robert M. MacIntosh
Letters to the Editor
Genesee Valley.
Lt. Gov. John Graves Simcoe ‘named’ York County.
Mayor Don Cousens Retires
Henrick/Brodie House. 9481 Leslie Street (with photo)
Frank Boadway Diary (includes excerpts from March 14, 1881 to April 28, 1881
A Voyage to Paradise.

Vol. 15 no. 1, Spring 2007
Where did the Buckendahls go?
Bob Shank (photo)
Hagerman Cemetery
Memorial service, Berczy Burying Ground, August 21, 1994
Power struggle: power lines, trucks, new roads, and the graves of our ancestors which will win? (photo)
Storm glass (photo)
Early weather prediction.
Some Weather Lore.
Mayor’s Senior Hall of Fame
Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Lorne Smith, Tony Murphy (Selection committee chair). (photo)
Genealogical Society of Utah
Outhouse (photo)
Celebrating our Ancestors
Lorne Smith as Francis Andrew Schmidt (photo)
New Markham Book
Aksel Rinck honoured.
Connecticut Cattles
Stadmauerfest at Nordlingen, Germany with photos

Vol. 15 no 2, Fall 2007
Berczy Park officially opened
Where did the Helmkes go?
Bob Shank (photo)
Grand opening of Berczy Park (photo).
Berczy Park, Toronto 25th Anniversary (1982-2007) with photo.
Berczy Park Toronto (map).
Nelson’s Trafalgar The Battle that Changed the World, 2005 by Roy Adkins.
Markham Berczy Settlers Association Annual Meeting.
Nordlingen Mayor to Visit Markham
New Markham Book
Christmas, 1794.
New Markham Book 3.
Markham Cemeteries
Pingle Cemetery (photo).
Bethel Cemetery (photo).
Hagerman Hill Methodist Church (photo).
Hagerman West Cemetery (photo).
Quantztown Cemetery (photo).

Vol. 16 no. 1, Summer 2008
Noerdlingen Visitors.
Noerdlingen Youth Orchestra (photo).
Settlers Park Tree Planting with photo
Mary Elson, 1933-2008.
Settlers Day, June 14, 2008 with photos.
Berczy Park Toronto
Aksel Rinck, Burgermeister Joseph Mayer and Baron Drobig at Berczy Park (photo).
Black Walnut Trees.
New Markham Book
Trillium fund presentation (photo)
Buckendahl family
Brietlingen, Germany records – Buckendahl and Kopke (photo).
Markham Museum.
Matthew Rae First World War medals returned to Markham with photo
The Unionville Stiver Mill.
Train time at Unionville -1935 (sketch)

Vol. 16 no. 2, Winter 2008
WW1 veterans receive engraved pocket watch.
The Ken Prentice watch (photo).
Nordlingen Youth Orchestra (photo).
Visiting the Internet includes article Cenotaphs – Donald E. Stiver (Markham).
Donald E. Stiver cenotaph (photo).
Historic marker for William ‘Moll’ Berczy
Nordlingen visitors
German Mills Settlers Park.
Historic plaques
Berczy Park Toronto
Support for Waterloo Centre for German Studies.
Markham celebrates Pioneers Day.
New collections building for Markham Museum.
Settler research
New material – John Graves Simcoe: 1752-1806
MBSA Board of Directors.