TOC: Vol. 17 to Vol. 20

Vol. 17 no. 1, Summer 2009
2007-2009 Annual General Meeting, October 13, 2009.
Maple Syruping 2009.
Everett Harper, Bob Smith, Harold Harper boiling the old way around 1917 (photo).
Katarina and Ella Matthiessen, Lorne Smith, 2009.(photo)
Some family history for our children.
Toronto’s first post office.
Farmers Market comes to Unionville (Unionville) (photo).
Bob Stiver (photo)
Heritage tour of Markham (map).
Awards to Aksel Rinck (photos)
Aksel Rinck.
New Collections buildilng at MarkhamMuseum.
Cathy Molloy (photo)
Janet Reid (photo)
Did you know?
Heather McKeown (photo)
National Air Force Museum of Canada
Shank, C. Oscar (memorial stone) at National Air Force Museum of Canada.
Shank, G. Albert W. Shank (memorial stone) at National Air Force Museum of Canada
John Graves Simcoe, 1752-1806: a biography.
WW1 watch presentation.
Markham Fairgrounds (photos)

Vol. 17, No. 2, December 2009
Painting comes to Fred Varley Gallery
Governor General’s Horse Guards
Berczy Village Expansion
Annual General Meeting Minutes – October 13, 2009.
Aksel Rinck, S. D. Erbprinz, Carl-Eugene of Oettingen-Wallerstein, Carol Smith, Burgermeister Joseph Mayer and Lorne Smith (photo).
Visit to Noerdlingen, Germany.
Aksel Rinck, S. D. Erbprinz, Carl-Eugene of Oettingen-Wallerstein, Carol Smith, Burgermeister Joseph Mayer and Lorne Smith (photo).
German Pioneers Day council and representatives (photo).
Berczy Day in Markham – December 10, 2009
Governor General’s Horse Guards.
Non Summer of 1816.
German Pioneers Day – October 13, 2009.
Presentation to Town of Markham Council – October 13, 2009.
From the Files of the Markham Economist – February 9, 1911.
Jacob Stiver House, Lot 20, Conc 5.
From the files of the Markham Sun – July 19, 1906.
Christian Klein and Lorne Smith (photo).

Vol. 18, no. 1, Summer 2010
Unionville Village Conservancy with photo
Collections Building at Museum nearing completion.
Governor General’s Horse Guards celebrate 200 years in Markha,m with photo
Buttonville Cemetery (photo)
New Berczy Condo with concept drawing.
Pioneer Foods.
The New Markham.
Beckett Farm Sold – Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery to be surrounded with homes with plan
Eckardt house (but with a modern outside) (photo)
Looking south to 16th Avenue with Kennedy Road on right (photo)
Bethesda Lutheran Church to celebrate 100 years at its present site
Stadmauerfest in Noerdlingen, Germany.
Oberburgermeister Herman Faul and Aksel Rinck (photo).
From the Economist and Sun – July 9, 1911 – The Great Clay Belt.
From the Economist and Sun – November 16, 1917 – Synopsis of Canadian North West German Pioneers Day – October 12.
Land Regulations.
Settler Age Analysis
Bus Trip to Pennsylvania.
A Walnut Tree with a Providence.
Betty Hoover, Barry Reesor, Betty Burkholder (President of Reesor Family in Canada), Dave Burkholder, Linda Umbrell, Lorne Smith (photo)

Vol. 19, no. 1, January 2011
The Odyssey of the Berczy Settlers, 1792 to 1813
A Tribute to our Troops
Berczy Settler Descendants Travelling to Denmark
Bill VanderZande and Lorne Smith make presentation to Mayor Frank Scarpitti. Sommerfeldt Diary donated to Markham Museum
Presentation of diary to City (photo).
Governor General’s Horse Guards (photo).
Johan Engelhard Helmke’s Wives.
Now Settled – Toronto Purchase.
Message from the President.
Governor General’s Horse Guard.
Hamburg and Altona historical address books are on the Internet
Berczy Burying Ground
Nicholas Hagerman tombstone in the Hagerman Cemetery (photo).
Migration issues at Hamburg Altona in 1792.
The emigration from the Dukedom Brunswick (translation of p. 63-64.
Some little known Berczy Settlers and a connection to a U.S President.
Chronological list of events for Anthony Sr and Mary (The French Maid) Wonch family
Wunsch / Wonch house in 2011 (photo).
Model of Eckhardt House (oldest house in York Region) (photo).
Morning flag raising at the civic centre on German Pioneers Day, October 13, 2009 (photo).
Eckardt House (oldest house in York Region) (photo).
Hamburg and Altona historical address books are on the Internet.
Bob Shank (photo).
On the Silk Road.
Tour to Germany.
Chronological list of events for Anthony Sr and Mary (The French Maid) Wonch family.
German Settlers Day.
Changes near Berczy Burying Ground

Vol. 20 No. 1, Spring 2012
Message from the President
German Pioneers Day
Trip to Germany and Nordlingen 2013,
Stadmauerfest (Ringwall festival) in Nordlingen (photos)
Thinking Back.
Joachim Pingle farm (photos includes monument)
Eckardt Pioneers of Markham Township as told by A.J. H. Eckardt.
Matchefsky, What’s in a Name
Toronto Korean Baptist Church
Lee Family
Catherine Stiver and Thomas Lee monument (photo)
Aksel Rinck visits Markham,
Nordlingen Pig (photo)
Colty’s Corners
Stiver cattle being taken to their pasture farm near Claremont (photo)
Looking north on Kennedy Road toward Major Mackenzie Drive (modern photo)

Vol. 20, no. 2 Fall 2012
Anniversary of Death of William Moll Berczy
Cards to a Lunau [Rena Lunau]
The War of 1812.
The Lutheran/Anabaptist Relationship
German Pioneers Day.
German Pioneers Day, 2012 – delegation. (photo)
From the Economist & Sun – Wednesdday, November 8, 1989
Community of Upper Unionville.
Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery (Stiver monuments) with Eckardt House in background. (photo).
Wonch Story.
Militia payroll list for York Militia in Penetang for September 5, 1814 to October 15, 1814 (digital image),
City of Markham – Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, David Onley (photo).
Trip to the Ring Wall Festival in Nordlingen, Germany.
Nueschwanstein (photo)
Caroline Morelli, Bob Walter, Lorne Smith with Nordlingen Rose (photo).
Christmas, 1812.
Stadt Nordlingen Rose (photo).